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VQL Stored Procedure - Can a dynamically defined data structure be returned

Hi, Version 8 I would like to take create a VQL SP which will take a database and viewname as input and dynamically return different structure output based on a query built up on the fly in the store procedure using the data from a view you might see b...

Denodo stored procedure Version 8 Parameter


How to use declare & set in Denodo?

I need to rewrite one SQL Management Studio query into Denodo. Which Im using declare & set. This is me query: declare @datefrom as varchar(12); set @datefrom='2023-07-01'; declare @dateto as varchar(12); set @dateto='2023-07-31'; declare @entity...

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dynamic parameters value in where condition

Hi team, Does denodo has the function to suport dynamic paramters input in where condition, e.g. where (case when parameter_flag = 'A' then date_column = baseview.date_col_a when parameter_flag = 'B' then date_column = baseview.date_col_b else '190001...

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Connecting Denodo views with parameters to Power BI.

I've been working with a few Denodo views and am looking to bring the final view into Power BI. However, I need to somehow define the required parameters as I'm connecting the view or else Power BI will return an error. I would like to connect these de...

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view parameter - multiple input default values

version - Denodo version 8 enterprise plus I am trying to use "view parameters" in a logic and my requirement is to pass multiple default values (i.e. in clause in SQL). I am able to save the view with configuration on view parameter as cpt: text '''2...



input parameter at run time

Hi , I want one input parameter field to be provided at the run time of a base view . I'm using this query in create from base view option in data source tab. select * from edl_cs_space_plan_analysis.v_lab_building_floor_space_org_alllocation where spa...

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VQL to identify obligatory parameters/search methods via VQL

How do you determine the mandatory parameters/search methods given a view using VQL?

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REST Webservice as DataSource with optional parameters

I am using a REST Webservice as a Datasource. To get the data, the Webservice GET function takes three Parameters "accountingClientId", "customerId" and "invoiceId". The first two are mandatory, the third is optional. I managed to do this by using ^Exe...

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On base views created from query with parameters-how can we pass the parameters from a subquery in where statement

I have created a base view from query which contains parameters that I need to pass in order to get the result set. Base view name is bv_root_table. Parameter for the base view that is required that we pass is AccountID field. I am trying to execute a...

Invalid query in create base view from query View without search methods baseview created from query Parameter Subquery


Denodo Parameter Error - without search methods

I created a view with a parameter. If there is specific value typed into that parameter the view processes just fine.However, I need the parameter field to be blank, so when you open the view the end user has the option to type in the parameter they ar...

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