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WHERE Clause in query

I have created dervied view's using Baseview views and query also has an where clause at the end on one the Base view. When I run the new derived view the where condition is executed at the end. I dont see this helping peformance. please let me know, I...

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Performance Bench Marks

I'm currently seeing performance issues when we run quiries extracting data from tables with multimilliion records. The data movement is slow and cpu consumption is quite high during the query execution. As a first step, I would like to compare it to t...

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SQL queries ran on native Data source in VDP

Hello there, I just a few questions, I was wondering if you could provide me with an answer. How can I edit a SQL query that I created directly on the Data Source(Hadoop)? How should the SQL query be written, names the datasource, table, and fiel...

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Using NOLOCK hint in VQL Select statement

Is it possible to use NOLOCK hint in select statement on SQL Source

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Slow performance when joining tables from oracle database

Two issues related to vql performance. I am connecting to a oracle 12c database and trying to query a record from huge table. Denodo is not returning records . I am testing joining two oracle tables using the base views . The performance of the query ...

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