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The version of Denodo on which window (analytic) function of SQL can be used
answered 12-01-2021 07:09:17 -0500

<Reference> https://community.denodo.com/answers/question/details?questionId=90670000000k9oHAAQ&title=When+will+Denodo+support+analytic+functions+(i.e.+RANK%2C+NTILE%2C+PARTITION+BY....)%3F <Denodo VDP Version> 6.0 Administration tool:...

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DENODO #Analytic function

Iam unable to execute NTILE function in denodo
answered 11-05-2020 00:03:55 -0400

Hi, While executing query in denodo by using ntile function is not executing. It is showing as below error.Kindly help on this. SQL Error [50006] [HY000]: Error executing view: Function ntile is not executable Much appreciate if you provide suggesti...

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#Analytic function

Unable to use the analytic function in Denodo-VDP
answered 25-04-2019 09:12:14 -0400

Hi, I am trying to use the analytic function in my derived view in VDP. but it did not recognize the functions and getting errors. (tried all the analtic functions , I got the same errror.. see attached the error detail hyperlink) rank() OVER (PARTITI...

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#Analytic function

Filter on a Rank function
answered 10-11-2017 05:17:08 -0500

Hi team! I'm facing a common scenario using the Rank function and need some help. Below is the sentence I'm using, basicaly a Rank function with a Partition and Order by conditions: rank() OVER ( PARTITION BY xx_fa_deprn_summary.asset_id, xx_fa_deprn...

Answers: 3

RANK Function #Analytic function