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Authentication via Client App

Hello Team, May i know what are the authentication methods to connect to Denodo via client app. I wnet through your docs and found credentials and SSO are two ways only, is it correct?



Will Denodo supports multiple authentication method simultaneously at server level?

Hi Team, We need to enable Kerberos at the server level. But when we refer the manuals, we got to know that SPN to be set up as an HTTP service. But as per our organization policy it is not allowed to create a functional SPN as an HTTP service. IS the...

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Issue while configuring Kerberos Authentication

Hi Team, We are in process of enabling Kerberos authentication at server level. We have created the global user, SPN and the Keytab file and enabled the Kerberos at the server level giving all the required details. When we restart the vdp server, it s...

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