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LDAP User on where clause
answered 27-07-2021 06:21:28 -0400

Hi everyone, I´ve been searching for a few hours before writing this post but unfortunatelly had no luck, most likely cause it´s not posible or use case it´s so rare but would like the hear the opinion of the community which has more experience. . Wha...

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denodo security WHERE CONDITIONS #LDAP-ServiceAccounts

ServiceAccount as a Data Base Login account ?
answered 24-01-2020 03:18:45 -0500

Can I use the same ServiceAccount which has used to install as a Data Base Login ? In that case, what kind of access Service Account needed to connect to Data Base ?

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Kerberos authentication and service accounts
answered 24-08-2018 11:50:39 -0400

We have denodo 6.0 installed in our company and configured to work with Kerberos. We have fond that it works well for all regular users and delegates credentials to databases just fine. Now, we have some services working under service accounts. For all...

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Kerberos Active Directory #LDAP-ServiceAccounts

Running denodo in multiple servers
answered 01-03-2017 07:56:40 -0500

Hi, Currently we are running Denodo on a machine with very less RAM, and due to which we always face performance issue. So we are thinking to move Denodo Scheduler, monitoring tool to other machine so that we can leave more memory for VDP Admin tool. C...

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Admin tool DENODO Denodo Scheduler 6.0 denodo monitoring and diagnostic tool #LDAP-ServiceAccounts

Ldap account stopped working on all environment. Its is a service account.
answered 25-11-2015 04:09:58 -0500

We had one user created as LDAP user. It is a service account. but for some reason it is giving authentication error. We checked the account from other application the username and password are working fine. It does not work from Denodo server. is the...

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