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Obtaining Data from API

Hello. I would like to obtain data from this API: What type of data source do I need to create, please? Thank you.

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API filtering with array of values in POST body

Hello team, I am currently having an issue with the following case : I have an endpoint on my Denodo REST API on which I am trying to make a POST query with multiple parameters on the body which can be arrays of values (multi criteria search endpoint)...

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Exposing JSON data into API with specific parameter

I have this format as of now when I exposed my data into JSON format(the default one): { "name": "cp", "elements": [ { "reference": "beta5", "ordernumber_0": 8008, "product": "gaiytaqw", "what": "sagar", "applicat...

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HTTP path types

Hi Team, I'm using Denodo 7.0 version and followed below link to find the edit http connection tab to configure my REST API as GET/POST/PUT and the required input parameters. can you help with this issue.

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