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Restrict access to Denodo derived view by role management

I have been trying to put row restriction to a derived view using role management restriction but it is not working. It seems I need to apply same condition for each individual user tagged to that role Can I please confirm if we can put row and colum...

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Role modification

Can ROLES be renamed in Denodo 8. IF not what is the Alternative? Please explain in detail please.


User is not able to see "include users and roles" checkbox while vdb export

Hi Team, One of our consumer is unable to see"include users and privileges" checkbox while she is trying to export her vdb though she has local admin rights to the vdb she is trying to export. What is the reason behind it? How to correct it? Please help.

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Database specific Roles

Hi, We have created a new Database = "ABC" similar to Admin and itpilot databses. Now I have created a new user and role , granted privilages to only the new database created - "ABC". But still the new user which is created is able to access abd view ...

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