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How to select distinct elements of an array column in a view
answered 04-03-2021 04:55:15 -0500

I need to select distinct values from few array columns in a view. My view consists few Array columns and I cannot group by them. SELECT * from {view} where {parameter} = '03645' Parameter Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 ...

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Vertical pivoting
answered 27-09-2019 02:05:46 -0400

Hi Team, Is there a way to do vertical pivoting in denodo? I have one data element which is a combination of 3 fields basically seperated by ~. Example: abc~dfv~1234 cvfdv~as~23 So the first seperation till ~ belongs to field A, second part belongs to...

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Get first element from an array field in a view, built with a Denodo custom function.
answered 16-01-2015 04:53:46 -0500

I have an array that has been created by a Denodo custom function that stores parsed ID numbers from 2 string fields concatenated; parsed_id. The field shows as an array in the view. I am trying to get the first element of the array and have tried, ...

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