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Data Catalog
answered 09-08-2022 16:55:09 -0400

Hi there Is it possible to make the Data Catalog to all active directory users in the organisation? Thank you in advance. Regards

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Denodo On Demand Training
answered 27-08-2021 00:41:51 -0400

Hi Denodo Team, I have registered & purchased Denodo on demand Training few years back, I need to revisit my study material for learning purpose. But now i am unable to access the training material? Can you please check why it is happening? my us...

Answers: 1

Training Access

Denodo VDP access Logging
answered 10-08-2020 16:43:58 -0400

Hello team, We have different users logging to Denodo VDP. Can we get the logs of all the users logging to Denodo and the datetimes of login information.

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VDP 7.0 Access Login

issue in accessing derived views in Alteryx
answered 19-10-2018 16:17:06 -0400

Hi, I have provided access for a derived view from denodo to Alteryx. The user is able to access the derived view from SQL editor in Alteryx. My question here is Can I view the list of derived views in the rightside navigation panel in the Visual Que...

Answers: 2

access ODBC Alteryx derived view alteryx

How to access azure Denodo from my local Denodo ?
answered 16-10-2018 05:26:09 -0400

was trying to connect azure denodo from my local denodo(windows) but i could not connect to it. So is there any other ways or bridge to access these denodos ?

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DENODO Access azure

Cannot connect to JDBC database for Lab
answered 06-09-2018 12:55:21 -0400

I'm going through the Lab: DEN60EDU0105LAB01 - Create ds_call_center data source and import all tables I've installed Denodo AccessDatabaseEngine_X64 Calltracking.mdb is in: C:\Users\ehayes\Desktop\Denodo\DEN60EDU0105LAB01 I've configured th...

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Access JDBC

Joining JDBC and ODBC base views, fail execution (ODBC error)
answered 21-11-2017 06:35:18 -0500

I am doing the first course of the Denodo Developer Certification. I am trying to join (inner join, any type of join method) bv_wo_customer table, from an Oracle-JDBC based source, with bb_cc_service_call, from an MS Access-ODBC based source, by commo...

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ODBC Access JDBC join

Restricting Import access to users with Connect and Read privileges
answered 17-11-2017 06:47:48 -0500

It appears that users with the connect and read access also have rights to import VQLs into denodo and we want to determine a way to limit access to truly be read only and not allow any changes from accounts that have read access. Is this possible?

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VDP import Access account

Derived view access issue from Alteryx
answered 13-07-2017 09:06:23 -0400

Hi, User wanted to connect to a derived view from Alteryx, So I have provided connect privilege for the respective database and read privilege to the derived view. Now the user is able to access the derived view from SQL editor in Alteryx but not able...

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access ODBC Alteryx derived view

restricting access to derived views only.
answered 10-07-2017 17:16:11 -0400

Can we provide read access for a derived view to users without providing any access to base views. User is accessing views from another tool(Alteryx) through odbc connection. Thank you Sachi

Answers: 2

Access derived view