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How to access Denodo Base view in SQL server?
answered 21-05-2019 20:35:07 -0400

I created base view in Denodo from mutiple source like oracle and other sorces. How can i access the baseview from SQL?

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How to schedule a job to fetch data from an external source (tool) using XML API?
answered 19-02-2019 07:22:45 -0500

Can you please step down the process on how to schedule an XML API to fetch data from an external source(tool)?

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Automic scheduler automation XML Denodo Scheduler 7.0 XML Data Source API

Monitoring mechanism for Denodo RESTful web services
answered 20-11-2018 18:48:12 -0500

There is a third party tool which consumes Denodo RESTful APIs, if any API goes down or not available then how to tract it. Is there any monitoring mechanism for RESTful web services in Denodo?

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API #HTTP #Post #Rest_API #webservice

Add users in Denodo 6.0 through Web service, Logging mechanism to store user activity, Pass user name and pwd in API request URL
answered 21-08-2018 12:32:55 -0400

Is there any API or Web service in Denodo to add Users and their roles. Is there any logging mechanism, where it stores Users activity like which User is accessing which API. How to pass username and password when security is enabled in Denodo...

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Create User API Security

How to prevent Denial of Service attacks on Denodo REST API?
answered 17-08-2018 12:43:55 -0400

What are the capabilities of DENODO REST API to prevent Denial of Service attacks?

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How to monitor, block and authenticate REST APIs?
answered 03-08-2018 05:49:33 -0400

How to monitor Denodo REST APIs. Suppose if I want to block a particular API, how can I do that? Is there any UNIQUE API Key for each REST API? Are there any other ways to autheticate the APIs? ( Not HTTP Basic, HTTP Basic with LDAP, HTTP Basi...

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External APIs with Row Limits - How do I get all the rows? ie; Pagination
answered 20-06-2018 12:35:03 -0400

I'm trying to connect to an external rest service. Unfortunately, this service limits the number of rows per call. My question is how do I loop / continue calling the service until all the data is returned?

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Pagination API Row Limits

Data Source creation using an api call
answered 28-02-2018 02:31:17 -0500

Hi I am a newbie and was wondering how to create a DS using an api call. I have a website whichas paramaters and when run it generates data in any format of choice and I want to use that as my datasource. I tried using json and csv datasources. I can...

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Aggregate operation on Rest web service
answered 07-12-2017 06:50:23 -0500

Hi, Does Denodo allow passing aggregates operations over an API? I have a REST API and the user needs to select only 3 columns from that API, group by 2 columns and calculate aggregate(sum operation) over the third column. I am able to select three co...

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REST API Aggregate