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Api Post with session user
answered 26-11-2019 18:19:45 -0500

I would like to find out if we have Api to post and put , do you know a way how we can pass the session user and time to the table to capture who created and when For example if we have table Id Name Updatedby UpdatedDate If I post a record with the...

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Denodo Content not available for specific user
answered 01-06-2018 03:40:02 -0400

Hi, I have a user that has full access(not admin) ,The other users with the same permissions are able to see the content.The user has to refresh the VDP (client), what is causing this issue. it is not network related because other users with the same ...

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Pass and access arrays in VDP function
answered 29-05-2018 07:56:33 -0400

Hi, i am sorry to repeat thhis question, but with a slight modification. I have wrote a custome function (VDP function through annotation methodology ) and I would like to pass an array of double values to the function. But when I import the extension...

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Accessing Open Data API
answered 23-08-2017 07:32:08 -0400

Hello there, I was just curious, how can you access an Open Data API with Denodo to retrieve Data in real time to be provided as a web service, self-service, or views that can be combined with other disparate data sources? Thanks in advance.

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Making an API call to a external data set
answered 24-07-2017 09:25:19 -0400

I want to read data from the US Census Bureau public data set files. The data is available (for free) via an API call to their site. I would like to use Denodo to access that data via the API. How do I do this? Example Call: api.census.gov/data/2015/a...

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Denodo Api for creating users
answered 14-04-2017 12:53:41 -0400

Simple question, but have not found an answer yet We know we can create users with a vql statement. But is there also an Denodo API available to create users?

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