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Dendo Design Studio's problem with Neo4J
answered 24-11-2022 03:06:10 -0500

Hello Team, I'm using Denodo 8 via Web Design Studio. I created the Neo4j datasource via HTTP configuration with post method, also making use of a Json file. I inserted the fields via the following source query: {"statements": [ \{ "statement": "MATCH ...

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flatten Array Neo4j JSON FLATTEN Derived views JSON Datasource WEB design Studio

How to get a length of the array in Denodo?
answered 20-07-2022 01:13:56 -0400

I have a column in the Denodo view with the type ARRAY. How can I get the length of this array? Standard sql ARRAY_LENGTH function is not working.

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Check if Value in Array
answered 10-05-2022 08:27:46 -0400

Hi, I have to check if a string is a substring of a longer one. Trivially this would lead to INSTR which doesn't work in this particular case as some of the strings to look for are substrings of others (eg. 'abc', 'abcde', ...). The long string is deli...

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JSON datasource - HTTP POST - ARRAY request and response FLATTEN
answered 21-03-2022 04:15:04 -0400

HI, i've set a JSON source for the API https://www.openfigi.com/api, with a parameter in POST body. CREATE DATASOURCE JSON ds_openfigi FOLDER = '/01-connectivity/01-data-sources/openfigi' ROUTE HTTP 'http.CommonsHttpClientConnection,120000' POST 'http...

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How to avoid array data conversion into text format while creating base view?
answered 12-11-2021 07:47:31 -0500

I have created a data source connection with another denodo data base. That data base has view in which data are present in array form. On creating a base view from that view, the array data get converted into text form automatically. Could you tell me...

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Base view ARRAY Create Base View

Pivot rows into columns in an array
answered 01-10-2021 02:09:00 -0400

Hello, what I would like to achieve could be straightforward but I'm very new to Denodo. I have a view like this: model_id equipment 1 Array where the Array is like this: description v...

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Denodo 7.0 ARRAY Pivot

Json array in data set - joining back to original data --- losing records when select * is used
answered 11-08-2021 06:58:14 -0400

I am seeing some odd behavior with a derived view that is the result of a field with JSON data being turned into an array and joined back to the original data set and the flattened. if I do a select * (no where clause) of the resulting join (after th...

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select query flatten ARRAY missing records JSON join

Interpolation Array
answered 06-07-2021 02:21:39 -0400

Hello, Is there a way to have an interpolation variable that will accept an array? Thank you.

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Aggregation of derived views delegating search methods to base view
answered 02-04-2021 07:46:17 -0400

Hello, i have following problem. I want to expose a REST Web Service that shows aggregated data coming from one single Base View. The Base View can be seen as the following having some input parameters (BV has search methods): ID Desc...

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VQL Denodo 7.0 Base view REST ARRAY derived view data aggregation

Struggling with using a field with JSON data and tying it back to the original view using an ID field
answered 10-03-2021 01:32:44 -0500

I have a view that has a field called "primaryqa". it contains data that has answers to questions in JSON format that I want to parse and then joing back to the original view using an field called "id". [{"QuestionID":1,"Answer":"Yes"},{"QuestionID":2...

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Interpolation Variables joining of interpolation variables array