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Losing connectivity for Denodo user
answered 19-10-2020 06:39:19 -0400

When I provision the Denodo AMI as an EC2 instance, I follow the directions to get it going and everything is fine. However, if I stop that instance (e.g. working on something else for a while) and then restart it, all of a sudden the Denodo user can'...

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AWS Login time out AWS

using Denodo for AWS - timeout
answered 27-06-2016 12:14:48 -0400

I am using denodo for aws. I have setup the AMI and i have attempted to login. I am getting the timeout message below that I copied form the log 318090 [AWT-EventQueue-0] ERROR 2016-06-27T08:58:58.785 com.denodo.vdb.admin.gui.components.connection.Con...

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AWS Login time out