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Firewall setting for connection with Azure Synapse.
answered 09-09-2022 11:07:28 -0400

This is regarding Denodo Connectivity with Azure Synapse : I wanted to know if we have User Login and Password available for Azure Synapse storage. Do we still need to whitelist Firewall IP connections ? And if we don't have User Login and Passw...

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Azure Synapse firewall DENODO

Denodo Cache load - Can I use CTAS in Azure Synapse?
answered 31-05-2021 07:15:30 -0400

We have been having issues with Denodo creating cache tables due to volume and intensive queries. Is it possible to use Azure Synapse's CTAS functionality? Also, Denodo creates a table with Round Robin distribution, would it be possible to change it to...

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Azure Synapse cache denodo dynamically CTAS