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Description in base views for
answered 13-10-2022 20:55:58 -0400

Hello, I want to create base views from Snowflake views. They are created well except for the descriptions of the numeric fields without decimals. Indeed, in the VQL I see that the description is correctly retrieved but then when it creates the base vi...

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snowflake Base View descrptions Decimal Type

base view metadata
answered 29-03-2022 02:31:55 -0400

Hi Team, Is there any procedure, function to get : datasource uri, CATALOGNAME, RELATIONNAME for base views. I am looking for a scripted solution which could list down these details for base views in tabular format Thanks

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Base View descrptions

Denodo Throwing error from the source
answered 18-03-2021 03:25:22 -0400

Hello, I have connected JDBC connection in denodo. When i load the data and create the view automatically using lamda function in AWS. When i run the view throwing below error: BC_YZ_RATAM_SELFSERVICE_EMEA_DE [BASE] [ERROR] ABC_YZ_RATAM_SELFSERVICE_E...

Answers: 2

Self-Service #Denodo #denodotestingtool #testingtool #denodo Base View descrptions Source refresh AWS S3 Athena #Athena #Baseview #Table_not_found #DataSource

Create base view from exist stored procedure at teradata source
answered 08-06-2020 08:43:40 -0400

Hi, please I have stored procedure exist at teradata source and I need to create baseview using this stored procudre , so I tried to make base view by using create from sql query and type call pocedureName() but error appears " [Teradata Database] [Ter...

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Base View descrptions Stored Procedure Teradata

Update large number of Base Views Column Descriptions from another base view
answered 13-05-2020 03:43:25 -0400

Version 7.0, I have 7 systems and other 100 tables that are in Base Views. I want to update column descriptions from a Data Dictionary that is in another base view and I also have the Dictionary in a Excel file. Please tell me the steps, or point me to...

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data dictionary Base View descrptions descriptions

Provide access to SINGLE view to MULTIPLE roles
answered 05-11-2019 08:54:33 -0500

Hello team, As we know, in Denodo we can give a view level access for a role. I have a situation where I need to give access to a SINGLE view to MULTIPLE roles(around 30). The procedure is to select each role, click on edit in the database and give wh...

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Denodo stored procedure database assign privilages Base View descrptions Access and Role Stored Procedure VQL Role Role and User Management Roles Users

Pre & Post processing while connecting the base view
answered 26-08-2019 06:35:13 -0400

Hi Team, Is there any feasibility to call a script pre processing and post processing while calling the Base view Calling a View Steps Pre-processing: call a pre_process script run base view post processing: call a post_process script Thanks Balu S

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Base View descrptions