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Base view gets created from query, however, cannot execute it.
answered 02-06-2022 19:59:32 -0400

I am able to create a base view from query, and do not get any error messages when creating it, given the instructions. However, when I attempt to execute it, I get following error message. Code is fine, and it runs with no issues and returns results, ...

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Base view baseview created from query Create Base View

Performance of a view based on a MongoDB data source
answered 03-05-2022 11:03:08 -0400

Hello dear Denodo team, I have a question regarding the performance of a view based on a MongoDB data source. The base view in question has about 2.6 million records and 256 columns. Running the query Select max(date) from ... on Base View level re...

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mongo Base view Base View configuration mongodb

JSON file within a ZIP --- can access but the formatting is odd ---
answered 11-04-2022 03:50:06 -0400

I have created a data source that pulls in a zip file with a JSON file inside it and I am strugging to parse it with a custom tupple pattern. No matter what tuple root I use Denodo fails to display it -- it just blanks out and no error message provided...

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Base view JSON Data Source

Connect of ADLSv2 with Dendod Docker Container. Error while creating the Base View.
answered 21-03-2022 08:25:34 -0400

Hi Team, I have tried placing the core-site.xml inside the denodo docker container which is running on a Azure VM. I have established a connection between ADLSv2 container with denodo docker container. When I try to test connection the connection is ...

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container Base view Docker DENODO Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

Performance View
answered 05-01-2022 07:42:08 -0500

Hi, guys. I have been creating some views and execute in Denodo. I takes a long time to execute, so when I connect Tableau in Denodo, it dowsn´t work. Time off. Could help me give some suggestions. I can send my view. I don´t know how.

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Base view

How to avoid array data conversion into text format while creating base view?
answered 12-11-2021 07:47:31 -0500

I have created a data source connection with another denodo data base. That data base has view in which data are present in array form. On creating a base view from that view, the array data get converted into text form automatically. Could you tell me...

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Base view ARRAY Create Base View

remove all _0 from field names on new base view
answered 17-10-2021 22:51:00 -0400

we have config turned on where if a field is renamed because of space or special characters it appends underscore 0 to the end of the field name, we want to keep that feature on but I have a view of like 100 fields and half of them have it. Is there a...

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Base view Vql shell Rename

How to create a base view from query in S3
answered 13-10-2021 08:53:32 -0400

How to create a base view from query in S3?

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Base view

Joining Census data with Azure dataverse data
answered 04-08-2021 13:11:12 -0400

Hi All, This is probably mainly to get pointed in the right direction. Here's the problem. I would like to be able to geocode addresses as they appear in the Address table. My idea is 1) Create a base view for the REST API from the census. The censu...

Answers: 2

Base view Azure census geocode Derived views

The following fields are obligatory in the view 'view_name' : field_name
answered 07-06-2021 16:41:46 -0400

Hi Denodo Team, When I am trying to run a select query from java (through jdbc connectivity) on one of my view in denodo, I am having an issue in getting result. It is throwing the error : SQL state [HY000]; error code [31002]; No search methods ready...

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Base view DENODO SQL