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Unable to cache some views

I am trying to cache on Service Views Layer (14 Service Views). In the scheduler, I created VDPCahce jobs for every individual service view. After starting those jobs, I started the monitoring tool to see the status of caching. After 3 hours, 6 of the ...

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Avoid deleting the cached data at the time of deployment to upper environments

We have some views created in the local environment and when we deploy it the upper environment, we cache the views. So, every time we do a deployment we turn the cache back on all the views. This is making the tables which are cached previously in the...

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Partial Cache- Explicit loads

Denodo 6.0 express edition Created a derived view coming from a soap web service and a mysql database. Enabled cache at the server level. Enabled partial cache with explicit loads for the derived view. I executed the query "Select * from derived_view_...

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Scheduler: Delay till the data gets loaded in actual databases

I have a scheduled VDPCache job which starts every Saturday at 12:00. The actual databases from where the cache data gets loaded will undergo a weekend processing and gets new data. Sometimes this processing will takes long time than expected. If I kee...

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Incremental Caching

Hello, I am in a situation where I am currently caching on the combined views layer. When I am done caching using Full mode for all the combined views for the first time, I want to keep the scheduled VDPCache jobs every weekend which must do increm...

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Caching not working while joining two tables.

Hi, I have created two tables X, Y and enables the cache. With the current configuration. X, Y caching works individually. But when I do a join query with both tables. The cache is not working. Can some one help me on this. EX: select from X trace; -...

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Teradata as Cache Database and Configuring Monitoring Tool for Teradata

Teradata as cache Database: Does Denodo supports Teradata as caching database ? If yes then is it works as other RDBMS system does ? I wanted to confirm if I setup Teradata as cache database, element delegation such as function, subquery, etc, should w...

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Test file to check if cached view is not empty

Hi, I want to create a test files to see if the cached views are empty.Initialy i thought of just selecting top 100 records from cached view in %Execution directory and another query selecting top 100 directly from source in %result directive. But late...

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Fetch plan of the query cache

Hello. I work with a cache for views. And faced with strange behavior. When I am disabled the cache for a view, the execution time amounted ~50ms. When I am enabled partial cache, the execution time amounted ~400ms. I need opportunities for fetching p...

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Joining to Cache

I found when joining to a cached view performance is slow probably due to network latency, I decided to move the cache into my EDW to see if performance would improve. It did marginally but Denodo didn't recognize that the Cache and the data I was join...