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in denodo scheduler the cache jobs are stuck running state

in denodo scheduler the cache jobs are stuck running state


Denodo Cache job error

Team, Executing a cache job to replicate data from Oracle to Redshift using the bulk data load API option for Amazon Redshift. Most of the tables are loading but couple of them are failing without much error details. 25276858 [Full_cache_u_fixture_18...

Cache scheduler job

Cache not working

Hi, I am following the tutorials for denodo platform, it all went well until the cache settings from here: I have configured cache settings in server configuration by choosing "embedde...


Cache job status related

Hi Team, We are doing full cache on final view,which is created using 5 views with join and union but it is getting successfull even after one of the dependend view having connectivity issue.


About cache

I have a question about caching. I couldn't understand it by looking at the document, so could you please tell me a little more concisely and clearly? 1) What is Partial mode? 2) When "Explicit loads" is turned on and off 3) When "Match exact querie...

Partial cache Cache

Moving Denodo Cache Database

Can we move Denodo Cache Database to another server without interrupting Denodo's operations?


Data Movement & Cache

Hi , I have Denodo version 7.0.20181011. I have problems with the data movement and with the cache. once the cache is enabled on a DV everything runs correctly but the record is not in a validated state? how come? I also wanted to know if with the da...

Data Movement Cache

Databricks utilization for cache

I would like to get better understanding on how the Denodo caching with Azure Databricks + ADLS v2 works. My understanding is that we could also use directly ADLS v2 as a cache, but thanks to its computing power of Databricks, it is enhancing even more...

Azure databricks Cache Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

Cannot setup Databricks as cache

Hi, I am trying to setup Azure Databricks + ADLS as cache. On the Linux server, logged into the docker container runnig Denodo instance, and I installed databricks-cli and configured with token. I can see the directories when executing dbfs ls, which m...

databricks Cache Azure databricks Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

fetch cache details.

Hi Team, I need to build views in Denodo, which could fetch below information: when was the view last refreshed how many records got loaded please suggest what tables from cache DB can be utilized . Thanks.