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Scheduler: Delay till the data gets loaded in actual databases
answered 27-06-2017 12:36:19 -0400

I have a scheduled VDPCache job which starts every Saturday at 12:00. The actual databases from where the cache data gets loaded will undergo a weekend processing and gets new data. Sometimes this processing will takes long time than expected. If I kee...

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cache DENODO denodo scheduler SQL Server

Incremental Caching
answered 15-06-2017 06:16:36 -0400

Hello, I am in a situation where I am currently caching on the combined views layer. When I am done caching using Full mode for all the combined views for the first time, I want to keep the scheduled VDPCache jobs every weekend which must do increm...

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cache DENODO denodo scheduler

Caching not working while joining two tables.
answered 09-05-2017 08:00:40 -0400

Hi, I have created two tables X, Y and enables the cache. With the current configuration. X, Y caching works individually. But when I do a join query with both tables. The cache is not working. Can some one help me on this. EX: select from X trace; -...

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cache cache configuration Cache error

Teradata as Cache Database and Configuring Monitoring Tool for Teradata
answered 24-04-2017 16:56:47 -0400

Teradata as cache Database: Does Denodo supports Teradata as caching database ? If yes then is it works as other RDBMS system does ? I wanted to confirm if I setup Teradata as cache database, element delegation such as function, subquery, etc, should w...

Answers: 2

cache cache configuration Denodo Monitor teradata monitoring tool monitor

Test file to check if cached view is not empty
answered 16-03-2017 08:22:49 -0400

Hi, I want to create a test files to see if the cached views are empty.Initialy i thought of just selecting top 100 records from cached view in %Execution directory and another query selecting top 100 directly from source in %result directive. But late...

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cache Denodo Testing Tool cache configuration

Fetch plan of the query cache
answered 01-03-2017 06:59:24 -0500

Hello. I work with a cache for views. And faced with strange behavior. When I am disabled the cache for a view, the execution time amounted ~50ms. When I am enabled partial cache, the execution time amounted ~400ms. I need opportunities for fetching p...

Answers: 3

execution plan cache

Joining to Cache
answered 24-01-2017 23:23:28 -0500

I found when joining to a cached view performance is slow probably due to network latency, I decided to move the cache into my EDW to see if performance would improve. It did marginally but Denodo didn't recognize that the Cache and the data I was join...

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Index on cache table created in MSSQL
answered 09-01-2017 11:37:33 -0500

Hi, When i open the cache database in SQL , i see lot of Heap tables where there is no index created. Can i go ahead and create clustered indexes on that.. Will that help us to improve cache load performance

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cache search in index

Info on cache table index
answered 03-01-2017 04:09:32 -0500

Hi, Can you assist me with any documents with info on cache table indexes

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cache search in index

Multiple Cache databases in one Denodo Server
answered 18-11-2016 20:55:11 -0500

Would like to find out if we can create multiple Cache databases within one Denodo server: Admin, Virtual Database1, Virtual Database2, Virtual Database4: uses a MySQL Cache database DB1 Virtual Database3: uses a MySQL Cache database DB2 Virtu...

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