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Problem with Amazon Athena Cache

Hello, We have Denodo VDP 8.0 running in a Linux server. We add Amazon Athena Cache and we have a problem when try to store results in cache. The logs registered: FATAL YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MI:SS.FFF com.denodo.vdb.engine.thread.ReusableThread [] - runWork ...

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The data source does not support 'cache_invalidate'='matching_pk'.

I have a data source that is doing a series of calls to an API to pull in a full data (the first time) that takes almost 6 hours. I successfully cached that data into a view -- but now want to only update records everyday that have a "last updated date...

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INetCache 1,000,000 Javascript Files

Hello, We are currently running denodo on one of our machines and only denodo and it appears that the INetCache has over 1,000,000 javascript files in it and is using up almost over 100 GB of storage. Does denodo need these files or are these safe to ...

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cache error with the fresh configuration of cache

getting an error after making a fresh connection and cache configuration Error modifying view: There was an error inserting a new row in the table 'vdb_cache_names' of the cache database. : The table does not comply with the requirements by an externa...

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Error modifying view: View names not available

Hi , I am creating simple derived view from 2 base views , while enabling cache on the derived view i'm getting "Error modifying view: View names not available" error . Thanks for your help in advance....!

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No data returned when activating cache

Hi, I'm folowwing the tutorial and at page, the request returns no row when activating cache. It relates to "client_with_bills" view. Please help, Thank you

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Error obtaining the expressions to delegate the projected fields to source vdpcachedatasource

Hi, We are obtaining randomly this error (we run the job daily, but sometimes it produces failure, other days not): "Error obtaining the expressions to delegate the projected fields to source vdpcachedatasource" Last time we had to delete the view ...

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Fields Truncation

We have a delimited data source of weblogs, when we try to cache the data results in below error. Finished with error: Error loading cache: There was an error during a batch insertion: String or binary data would be truncated.. total time: 14 seconds ...

Cache error

incremental cache stored procedure finishing with error

incremental cache stored procedure finishing with "error getting rows to update in cache" . i followed the installation manual, where could i have gone wrong?

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Schema change and Source Refresh with Denodo and Cache store

Hello, We have snowflake as our cache store. When we add a new column to source, our cache refresh jobs fails with "Number of columns in file (25) does not match that of the corresponding table (23),". Any process we ned to follow to update cache schem...

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