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Caching not working while joining two tables.
answered 09-05-2017 08:00:40 -0400

Hi, I have created two tables X, Y and enables the cache. With the current configuration. X, Y caching works individually. But when I do a join query with both tables. The cache is not working. Can some one help me on this. EX: select from X trace; -...

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cache cache configuration Cache error

answered 07-05-2015 18:28:21 -0400

Denodo 5.0 release 20141023 - Windows Server 2008R2. Have run across issue with cache several times. I have a table that I do a full cache never expire and have a schedule job that updates it once a night. The table is a union view of three tables. Abo...

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Cache error

Cache Error
answered 02-03-2015 15:59:16 -0500

Hello, Can someone help me with below cache error ? We have a scheduled job to load the cache for a table, and the job failed with below error code. We have several tables in the same job to refresh cache and two of them failed with same error as belo...

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Cache error