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How to connect Denodo with SSL certificate in Tableau?
answered 13-07-2020 04:26:23 -0400

Hi, Can any one provide me the steps to coonnect tableau with Denodo if SSL is enabled in Denodo server. I am also trying to connect by tableau but unable to get the option to attache public SSL certificate.

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Connecting Tabealu on Denodo ODBC Tableau ODBC DENODO Driver Tableau SSL

How to connect Tableau data sources from Denodo
answered 15-11-2018 07:27:14 -0500

Hi Team, We are trying to connect Tableau 10.3 from DENODO , could not find any link on Denodo discussion forum. Please provide us information on the same. Thanks in advance. Regards, Samad

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Connecting Tabealu on Denodo