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Error when changing the local repositories home path for GIT integration

We would like to make the repositories home dir shared across the vdp servers to make the VDP cluster highly available. When we change the Local repositories home path any path other than default we are getting below error when trying to refresh enviro...



How to verify '%Trace' in the DENODOTEST file

I have been reading through the documentation of Trace directive in Denodo Testing Tool. I need to access the 'staticO' element in my trace file. When I am accessing the 'staticO' element in the .DENDOTEST file by using the following code 'PLAN ABC.PLA...

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How to test Access Protocols in DENODOTEST file.

In DENODOTEST, I need to test the JDBC access protocol that is present in the file. e.g. "jdbc:vdb://<localhost>:<portNumber>/<databaseName>". Is there any information about testing protocols in DENODO? The co...

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Kubernetes + migrate to external database requires temporary restart in admin mode

Not so much a question as a note that (if confirmed by others) could be incorporated into documentation? During restart of VDP services after migration to external metadatabase the container reported below error [20220815 version]. I think the issue i...

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Firewall setting for connection with Azure Synapse.

This is regarding Denodo Connectivity with Azure Synapse : I wanted to know if we have User Login and Password available for Azure Synapse storage. Do we still need to whitelist Firewall IP connections ? And if we don't have User Login and Passw...

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Removing column from base view

Hello, I need to remove a column from the base view created now. Is it possible to do from web design studio's graphical interface itself or have to query it in VQL query window

Denodo 8.0 DENODO Base View configuration


How to connect local sql server 2019 db and oracle sql db 11g to denodo express?

Hello, How to connect local sql server 2019 db and oracle sql db 11g to denodo express? Not sure what exactly needs to be put for connecting the db with denodo. Please help. Thanks.

Access Denodo Express DENODO connection How to connect the Denodo Server to the Microsoft SQL Server Oracle 11g


How to get a length of the array in Denodo?

I have a column in the Denodo view with the type ARRAY. How can I get the length of this array? Standard sql ARRAY_LENGTH function is not working.



AWS Glue - Denodo SELECT Query with LIMIT issue

Hi, I am running a Glue 3.0 job against Denodo 7.0 server. When I run a SELECT query with LIMIT the job fails with the below error: An error occurred while calling o101.load. Syntax error: Exception parsing query near 'LIMIT' File \"/opt/amazon/spar...

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Scheduler job are failing with below error.

Scheduler job are failing with below error. Error executing query. Total time 58.293 seconds. Incomplete results Incomplete results Incomplete results Incomplete results Incomplete results __6A8344AF-188C-4395-BF17-5B65090A3EBF_J8677F255-F04D-497C-A94...

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