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How to find which denodo version is installed
answered 06-03-2017 08:32:55 -0500

Team, We have installed denodo in our unix environment How to find which denodo version is installed? (Do you have some command to check which version is installed and which latest patch need to update) mannually we can check going into dir and find...

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DENODO Denodo server starting trouble.

Running denodo in multiple servers
answered 01-03-2017 07:56:40 -0500

Hi, Currently we are running Denodo on a machine with very less RAM, and due to which we always face performance issue. So we are thinking to move Denodo Scheduler, monitoring tool to other machine so that we can leave more memory for VDP Admin tool. C...

Answers: 5

Admin tool DENODO Denodo Scheduler 6.0 denodo monitoring and diagnostic tool #LDAP-ServiceAccounts

Memory consumption
answered 14-02-2017 04:24:35 -0500

Team, We have installed Dendodo 6.0 in (Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server) OS with 8 GB memory and 2 CPU on virtual machine (only denodo is installed in this VM) I have only five to seven base view created on this VM and noticed 90% memory are consumed...

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java DENODO JVM settings In-Memory Grid

AWS S3 Integration with Denodo
answered 27-01-2017 03:54:03 -0500

Hi , I knew it is similar to Google drive integration but when i am trying to read data from AWS S3 It fails and error says bucket not found exception. Do you have any document which talks about how to retrieve data from Cloud?.

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How to Save Image without having to navigate to the Images URL
answered 12-10-2016 16:46:22 -0400

Hello, I am trying to save an image from a page without needing to Navigate to the Image URL. Every time I navigate to the image URL the image changes. When I attempt to scrape the page using the 'Click And' function and then select "Save" to save the...

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help extract issue denodo error Image no refresh

How to add date function inside of the savefile function for timestamp of document being saved?
answered 15-03-2016 20:52:00 -0400

Hello, We are wondering how to add the date such as 3152016 which is todays date 3/15/2016 to the end of an excel file being saved. Currently we are using the savefile function as follows: savefile(ohio.xlsx,d:\\\\ohio\\\\archive); The issue is it i...

Answers: 1

itpilot vdp 5.0 denodo 5.5

Where can you upload the .jar files from the Xtrafuncs for ITP to be able to use them in a project?
answered 25-08-2015 06:58:24 -0400

Where can you upload the .jar files from the Xtrafuncs for ITP to be able to use them in a project? I downloaded the manual and .jar files and am not sure where to put them to be able to use in projects.

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itpilot itp Xtra Functions denodo

Denodo Compatibility
answered 06-08-2015 11:36:43 -0400

Hello team, I need to know what happened when Denodo Virtualizes the data, it is not storing it anywhere right, its just creating a view. View doesn't have data. So if I am virtualizing data of a Big size database and a small size database. So would ...

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Downloading an image from page without extracting URL
answered 30-06-2015 06:11:16 -0400

Is there anyway to download an image from a website and download it into a folder on a local computer? I see that there is an option to "Click and..." convert to Word, Pdf, and Excel but not an image. I know that it is possible to extract the URL of...

Answers: 1

image itpilot download itp denodo extraction

Problem with passing in ID field
answered 28-05-2015 12:28:54 -0400

Hello, I am attempting to find an element by Xpath via the id. When the syntax is not passing anything in it looks like this and works fine: FindElementByXPath(//LI[\@id = "dc_region_chzn_o_11")]); FireEventOnSelectedElement(onmousemove>onmouseover>...

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Denodo Wrapper ITPilot Testing