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Error when trying Gather the Statistics for a Base View (JDBC Oracle database)
answered 13-06-2017 06:11:21 -0400

When I try to gather the statistics for a Base View (based on a Oracle 12g JDBC database), I am getting the error: "Error gathering the statistics of the view: Error loading jdbc data source 'ds_edsm_orcl'." and I get the following for the same Base V...

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Denodo 6.0 JDBC oracle database connection Generate stats

Denodo 6.0 JDBC installation for SAP Business Object
answered 16-02-2017 09:31:05 -0500

I have the below oracle files, and I have updated them as per the instructions under "How to access VDP from SAP BusinessObjects 20160428" but still the connection is not working. Any thoughts? oracle.prm oracle.rss oracle.sbo oracleen.cod oracleen.p...

Answers: 1

Denodo 6.0 JDBC