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Denodo 7.0 Installation with updates

Hi, I want to install Denodo 7.0. When I get the latest installer file available in denodo support site, doest that include all the updates they have. I see they have 8 updates from 2019 to 20220531, Will they be included in installer file of 7.0 or D...

Denodo 7.0 Denodo Installation

check Denodo is installed already

Hi Team, How to check whether Denodo is installed already in a linux box using CLI ? Once it is confirmed it is installed or not , then we will identify the process ID of services .Already know to get the PID of denodo services. Thanks in advance , ...

Denodo Installation

Backup of VDP Configurations/Properties files

Hi Team, I'm installing Denodo 8 version on a server suing automation scripts.Before installing VDP, I need to clean up the previous installation and remove the DENODO_HOME too. Is there any way to back up the confguration/properties file alone instea...

Denodo Installation

Installation & Bootstrapping

Not seeing a new database schema called "acme_crm" with three tables defined (address, client and client_type). When running script, says dupliate database but when I look at Programdata/MySQL... I see acme_crm and the separate IBD Files but no databas...

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Developer Install

Is the Docker just for Demos? I see separate install instructions and also an option to use the AWS marketplace. What is the preferrred method of installing on a linux AWS EC2 for Denodo 8?

Denodo Installation

Asking for licences

Tried installaing Denodo 8.0 Azure BYOL Horly, after installing sucessfully, launching the solution manager it asks for license as per my understanding it should be on 30 days trail..not sure how to get the license

Denodo Installation Install

Denodo Installation on Local (onpremise) system

Hi Denodo sme, i have username and password for Denodo and i am able to download Denodo and assuming this is license version 1) Denodo solution manager 2) Denodo VDP (windows) from Denodo website . 3) can anyone tell us what is Software requiremen...

Denodo Installation

Azure VM cost for Denodo 8.0

HI Denodo sme, I have question here , we want to use Denodo 8.0 ( 30 days free trial ) on Azure virtual machine. Now we have only Azure account which is also a Free trial account and it is not a pay - as - you go account . As per information on Azu...

Denodo Installation

Installation of Denedo platform on Local laptop

HI Denedo SME, I need help in installing Denedo platform on on premise / Local computer . (windows 64 bit ) machine. 1) I have laptop with windows64 bit , and 8 GB ram . 2) What are the Denedo tools / platform are required to installed on local com...

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Unable to start denodo express 8.0 on Mac

Hi Folks - I do understand it is not officially supported. Any guidance of getting around this error is appreciated.... suntosh@suntosh-324-mbp16 bin % ./ suntosh@suntosh-324-mbp16 bin % Starting Denodo Virtual DataPort Server ... ...

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