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Refresh the Data Source completely
answered 18-06-2020 08:07:59 -0400

Can I Refresh the Data Source completely not base view by base view if I altered the schema at the source?

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Data Source Source refresh

Oracle Set Role
answered 17-06-2020 02:26:20 -0400

Is there a way to have Denodo set the role for the user connecting to an Oracle database through a Denodo view? e.g. "set role <role_name>"

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Data Source Access to Oralce JDBC

Adding a data source
answered 21-11-2019 05:37:54 -0500

I am following along the Denodo tutorial but have encountered issues when attempting to add a new data source. I followed the download instructions but they are not very clear so i am obviously missing something. I am from a non-technical background so...

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Tutorial Data Source

Data source connection change history
answered 11-11-2019 18:18:21 -0500

Hi Team, Denodo 6.0 | JDBC Data Sources If data source URI is changed, in which file is this information logged ? Can this file be read in Denodo, and possibly to trigger an alert when data source connection is updated. Does the file has histo...

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data source

How to use Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (MS Driver) to connect to SQL Server with Windows Authentication (not SQL Server Authentication)
answered 12-06-2019 12:04:53 -0400

I am unable to configure SQL Server as a Data Source using the "Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (MS Driver)" as the Database Adapater where the user is a Windows Authenticated user (i.e., not a SQL Server Authenticated user) but without having to setup Kerbe...

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Data Source SQL Server MS Driver

Can Denodo use Email as a Data Source?
answered 28-03-2019 11:52:55 -0400

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to use an email as a data source? Thanks in advance for your help. Best Regards,

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Data Source email

Connect to data source
answered 24-01-2019 13:00:05 -0500

Hi, i would like to connect denodo to my local sql server 2014. I tried to set up for new data source but it fail to connect. Please help.

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database Data Source

Rename an existing Data Source
answered 21-11-2018 06:51:27 -0500

I have Version 6.0 Update 20180628 installed at my company (both Client and Server) I would like to rename an existing Data Source. Can I do this on my version (6.0.20180628) ? If so, how do I do this?

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Data Source

check data source status
answered 07-09-2018 12:32:55 -0400

Hi Team, Denodo 5.5 DB1 JDBC, sql server - DS1, DS2, DS3, DS4,DS5 I want to get email notification about any DS failure while establishing connection with sql server database. What I am looking at it is any power shell script or batch script or an...

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Data Source Connection

Identifying problematic data sources
answered 24-08-2018 05:31:58 -0400

Hi Team, Denodo 5.5 Is there any way to identify if any JDBC datasource has connection issues. Like - login fail, account locked, TLS/SSL issues etc. Instead of running each datasource and identifying which could have problem. Any web service or an...

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Data Source