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Convert a number to an INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND
answered 11-05-2022 08:19:48 -0400

Hello, Is there any possibility to achieve in Denodo something similar to NUMTODSINTERVAL Oracle function? select NUMTODSINTERVAL(0.6, 'DAY') from dual; Thank you in advance!

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Date time function

Interpolation Variable using a formula - Julian calendar date
answered 06-04-2022 09:07:18 -0400

I have a data source which requres a dynanmic file name to be reference using a Julian date - last two digits of the year and the current day number. So 2022-04-04 would be 22094. Is there an easy way to include this value as part of the interpolatio...

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Formula Interpolation Variables Date time function

Postgres ADDDAY translates, but other ADD datetime functions do not
answered 20-05-2021 21:10:43 -0400

We recently started using a Postgres connection in Denodo. We've noticed that on larger datasets (particularly in joins) that performance is impacted when using the ADDMONTH function. ADDMONTH can't be delegated to the data source since it's not a Post...

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datetime PostgreSQL Date time function

Timestamp From 24 Hours Ago of Current Timestamp
answered 05-03-2021 00:47:13 -0500

Hello, I know that I can get the current timestamp using the currenttimestamp function. I wanted to know what is the right way to subtract 24 hours from the timestamp returned from that function, in order to find the timestamp of exactly 24 hours befo...

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local timestamp Date time function WHERE CONDITIONS timestamp

How to remove leading zero's in date time stamp
answered 29-09-2020 05:57:13 -0400

I have below string output using Formatdate function applied 08/03/2017 04:48:34 PM How to remove leading zeros O/p - 8/3/2017 4:46:34 PM Please help

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Date time function