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Configure third party application with denodo and execute the job from application and export the data into csv
answered 17-03-2020 07:42:20 -0400

Hi, We have a java application which is configured to our database. Whenever we invoke an job in our application it goes to respective table inside the database and run the job and pull data into our application. Now we are planning to put denodo in b...

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Connecting to an external web service Java Procedure Denodo 5.5 extraction Denodo Excel Add-In Denodo Testing Tool REST Webservice

Denodo extraction
answered 28-10-2016 21:08:41 -0400

We have a question in regards to running multiple Denodo extracts in parallel in production. In the past ( a few years back ) we attempted to run extracts simultaneously only to run into issues such as locked processes or incomplete extracts ( we specu...

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Denodo 5.5 extraction