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Denodo 7: Capture Logon Information for Failed Logins
asked 07-05-2021 12:11:42 -0400

How do we capture additional logon information when a connection fails? In our VDP logs we see messages, like the one below. Our challenge is that we do not know how to correlate this with a user account. 8222466 [RMI TCP Connection(5403)-] E...

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Logging Denodo 7 Failed Logins

"Remote license not found. The server is not registered in Solution Manager." when starting VDP server in Docker container.
answered 18-01-2021 06:04:32 -0500

Can't get past the server trying to find a license on the license/solution manager when starting a VDP server in a Docker container. I've successfully started a local installation of a VDP server getting a license from the license/solution manager and ...

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container Denodo 7.0 Denodo 7 Solution Manager Docker 7 License 7.0 docker

vdp_admin.sh missing in Denodo 7 VDP Admin tool Linux installation on Mac
answered 21-07-2020 04:26:42 -0400

Hi, I recently installed Denodo 7 VDP Admin tool on Mac 64bit and I see only the below files in the bin directory. I don't see vdp_admin.sh in the directory. Files Available regenerateFiles.sh encrypt_password.sh export.sh import.sh ping....

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Denodo 7 vdp_admin.sh

How can I implement Development and Staging on SINGLE Denodo 7 box?
answered 02-11-2018 06:36:28 -0400

We have installed Denodo 7 server on a Single box (one physical server) but we would like to create 2 logical separations one for "Development" and another for "Staging". Is it possible? If yes, How can I implement?

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Denodo 7

Connecting R to Denodo
answered 27-09-2018 23:23:43 -0400

Has anyone successfully connected to Denodo using Rstudio or any of the R tools using JDBC?

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Denodo 7 R JDBC

Import SAS dataset
answered 21-08-2018 11:49:50 -0400

We need help in importing a SAS Dataset, I have read of custom java wrappers, please point us the right resources

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Denodo 7

XSLT Transformation
answered 17-08-2018 04:59:44 -0400

We need help in creating XSLT transformations. We want to create a nested XML from the output of a dervied or base view

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Denodo 7