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Why there are different ports assigned for JDBC (9999) and ODBC(9996)?
answered 05-08-2022 17:18:13 -0400

Generally there will be single port to which an application can connect from both jdbc as well as odbc. Why denodo is providing different ports for both?

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Getting error "received invalid response to SSL negotiation: H" when trying to connect
answered 07-03-2022 00:43:05 -0500

Getting error "received invalid response to SSL negotiation: H" when trying to connect to my Organisations denodo using Denodo ODBC. this occurs when i test the connection on the windows ODBC control panel as well as when I build the connection string ...

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Error Denodo 8 ODBC SSL

ODBC with OAuth2
answered 08-02-2022 01:48:34 -0500

Hi, We want to configure an ODBC with OAuth2 on Windows, with an OAuth Server which exposes the grant type Authorization Code. In the ODBC configuration > Advanced Options > Page 3 > OAuth 2.0 settings > Extra parameters, we set : grant_...

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Denodo 8 ODBC oauth2

Denodo ODBC connection with Kerberos becomes invalid after an attempt to execute bad SQL query
answered 19-01-2022 06:07:22 -0500

Hello Denodo Team, my customer uses my ad-hoc query tool to connect to Denodo Virtual Data Port using ODBC driver with Kerberos authentication. All works fine, until the user tries to execute SQL query with error in it. The query fails as expected and...

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Unable to set QueryTimeout in DSN-Less connection
answered 25-10-2021 06:13:31 -0400

I have established a DSN Less connection from Azure DataFactory to Denodo, however I am unable to set queryTimeout parameter and due to this long running jobs are failing after default timeout i.e. 15mins. Can anyone help me here to understand how can ...

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Denodo 8 ODBC DSN

Can Denodo 7 ODBC connect to Denodo 8 Server
answered 03-06-2021 07:34:30 -0400

Hi Team, Can Denodo 7 ODBC connect to Denodo 8 Server? Or it is a must to connect Denodo 8 with Denodo 8 ODBC? I mean both windows and linux. How about JDBC, for both windows and linux. Thanks.

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Denodo 7 ODBC Denodo 8 ODBC