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Unable to decrypt vdp.jmx.password
answered 11-08-2022 12:11:14 -0400

Hi Team, I'm installing denodo8 using Ansible.While configuring Denodo monitor tool, vdp.jmx.password is encrypted using encrypt_password.sh script and set vdp.jmx.password.encrypted =true When starting denodo monitor tool, it throws following error S...

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Denodo Monitor

Denodo Monitor Error: Non-JRMP server at remote endpoint
answered 26-05-2022 12:23:09 -0400

Denodo Version: v20220126 After configuring the ConfigurationParameters.properties file with the relevant credentials and host:port details, the Denodo Monitor throws a ConnectionIOException - non-JRMP server at the remote endpoint. My initial hunch ...

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non-JRMP server at remote endpoint Denodo Monitor

Storing Denodo Monitor logs in an external Database
answered 02-05-2022 10:04:19 -0400

I have followed this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4Lo6iwcKD0&t=36s and try to configure our Denodo Monitor to store the information generated by the queries monitor and/or the cache monitor in a MS SQL SERVER database. I get following er...

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Denodo Monitor external database

Denodo Monitor Batch File failing to Start
answered 30-12-2021 07:07:19 -0500

Hello, I'm attempting to configue and launch the Denodo Monitor tool for Denodo Platform 8.0. I've followed the documentation to configure it through the ConfigurationParameters and launch it. When attemtping to run the denodomonitor startup.bat it fa...

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Denodo 8.0 Denodo Monitor Tools

trying to configuring denodo monitoring in my machine
answered 30-09-2021 04:57:32 -0400

Hi Team, I am trying to configuring denodo monitor in my machine by using given link. https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/browse/7.0/vdp/administration/monitoring_the_virtual_dataport_server/denodo_monitor/configuring_the_denodo_monitor While exec...

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Denodo Monitor

Denodo monitor tool getting stopped or in stand by mode after 1 or 2 days of start
answered 22-03-2021 08:00:20 -0400

Hi Team, We have installed and configured the denodo monitor. Once started it gets eiher in stand by mode or stopped in a day or two. Please suggest.

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Denodo Monitor

Error while launching Denodo Monitor - Failed to invoke from(CompositeData)
answered 22-02-2021 09:54:57 -0500

Hi, I’m making tests using Denodo Express 8.0 for Windows 64 bits. I need to trace the queries done by each user and i want to check that Denodo Monitor can give me all the needed information. I followed this instructions : https://community.denodo.c...

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Denodo Monitor

Denodo Monitor - Stopping
answered 14-09-2020 03:59:28 -0400

Hi there, Quick question about the "denodo monitor". We have a need to log all queries from all users within VDP. I have followed the online steps and have enabled them on the server in question, but I see some strange behavior. We currently have d...

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denodo monitor

Denodo Monitor denodo express 7.0
answered 06-04-2020 10:03:05 -0400

Hi Team, Can you share a working file for service_startup.bat. (Denodo Monitor) Denodo Express 7.0 Thanks.

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Denodo Monitor Denodo express 7.0

Is denodo-monitor able to decrypt password?
answered 08-11-2019 08:03:24 -0500

I wonder if I should fill-in an incident request about the issue described below or if there is something I'm doing wrong: With non encrypted password: vdp.jmx.host=localhost vdp.jmx.port=9999 vdp.jmx.user=estdaasa vdp.jmx.password=MyP4ssw0rd vdp.jmx...

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denodo monitor Denodo Monitor