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How can I active incremental_load_process in denodo scheduler for cached dvs. Do I need to have its jar file to install a stored procedure? if yes, where can I download that file (denodo-incremental-cache-load-{vdpversion}-{version}-jar-with-dependenci...

Denodo Scheduler 6.0 incremental cache_load

Shell script Schedule

Team, We have installed Denodo 6.0 in our Unix environment. We would like to execute one shell script( file through scheduler before our actual denodo job start. Can we execute shell script through denodo scheduler?? Thanks Dp

Job scheduler Denodo Scheduler 6.0

Scheduler DB connection

HI, I am trying to get all the jobs history information, so that I can analyze the scheduling times, failures and then reschedule them to minize the failures. Also, to perform other type of analysis. For that, I need to get list of all jobs(with hist...

Denodo Scheduler 6.0 JDBC

Scheduler export

What can be the possible causes for an unexpected error while trying to export the jobs from the scheduler? Recently when i tried to export the jobs, i received an unexpected error notification.

Denodo Scheduler 6.0

ERROR while executing a job in scheduler


LDAP Denodo Scheduler 6.0

Denodo scheduler job trigger based on external jobs

Hello, we have a senario where we need the Denodo jobs to be triggered based on external Corntab jobs, I know we can create dependencies based on other Denodo jobs. But I'm wondering if there is a way to trigger the Denodo Scheduler job as soon as t...

Denodo Scheduler 6.0 triggers

Exporters column mapping

Our source, a base view with the following SQL: SELECT ID*10+2 AS EDIT_ID, ID, Attr1, Attr3 ... Attr130 FROM TABLE_A We want to write some of its columns to two tables, and use the mapping to link certain columns The first exporter is to a table wit...

Scheduler Denodo Scheduler 6.0 parameter mapping

Could not create a validated object, cause: ValidateObject failed

I'm trying to run a job in scheduler, but i'm getting below error. "Could not create a validated object, cause: ValidateObject failed"

Job scheduler Denodo Scheduler 6.0 denodo scheduler

Start the Denodo job with dependencies using Shell script

Hi, Can you please assist me to invoke the Denodo Job with dependecies option using shell schipt. I can see only below options and don't see start-with-dependecies option sh -start load_dv_added_current_frozen_vw -h sjgdvappd...

shell Denodo scheduler admin Denodo Scheduler 6.0

Scheduler backup jobs of script

Is it possible to set up a job in the Denodo scheduler tool to run the script in order to perform routine backup's of the metadata? I saw other questions similar to this, but nothing that distinctfully says 'Yes' or 'No'. I cannot find anythi...

Denodo Scheduler 6.0 export