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What is the purpose of different data sources in Scheduler?
answered 05-09-2022 14:04:17 -0400

Hi, Currently, I am trying to understand scheduler, when I am looking into the architechture, there is an option to add different data sources that we can define in Scheduler alone. Why do we have that? We have the option to add data source already in...

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Denodo Scheduler 8.0

Create multi instance jobs
answered 15-07-2022 17:28:45 -0400

I have requirement where I need to create one job but need to execute it in multi instance Example : Jobname = test , has to be executed as test_1, test_2, test_3 Same job need to be executed in parallel with different jobname

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Denodo Scheduler 8.0 job

Scheduler job are failing with below error.
answered 08-07-2022 13:48:45 -0400

Scheduler job are failing with below error. Error executing query. Total time 58.293 seconds. Incomplete results Incomplete results Incomplete results Incomplete results Incomplete results __6A8344AF-188C-4395-BF17-5B65090A3EBF_J8677F255-F04D-497C-A94...

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DENODO Denodo Scheduler 8.0

Read only access in Scheduler
answered 24-06-2022 09:55:42 -0400

Hi In Scheduler is it possible to only provide view permission without execute access to users on particular project. The "Read access" current allows user to execute every job in the project Thanks

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privileges Denodo Scheduler 8.0

Denodo Scheduler 8 Screen Flow
answered 15-06-2022 08:03:46 -0400

I noticed the Denodo 8 Scheduler does not function like the Denodo 7 Scheduler. When I click on Projects in Denodo Scheduler 7, it displays all the projects. I can then click on a project and it displays the jobs in the selected project and the selecte...

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Denodo Scheduler 8.0

Parameterizing GET_STATS_FOR_FIELDS Scheduler job to automatically refresh the stats for all enabled views.
answered 03-06-2022 05:25:18 -0400

Hey, we are trying to use GETSTATSFORFIELDS in a Scheduler job to automatically refresh the stats for all views with statistics enabled. With LIST VIEWSTATSUMMARIES on myVdb I can get a list of all the views in the VDB, that have statistics enabled. N...

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Gather Statistics Denodo Scheduler 8.0

Saving Denodo Scheduler job getting internal error
answered 19-05-2022 10:19:15 -0400

Hi, I am using denodo express but while saving a scheduling a job got internal error. Please guide where to check as I am not able to create a new job.

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Denodo Scheduler 8.0

Denodo 8.0 Express - Web Tools not starting
answered 10-03-2022 15:18:15 -0500

I am trying to test out a couple of connections and I read an article where I had to set up some configuration in the Scheduler Admin Tool. I can start the servers from the express console, however all web tools refuse to start. It doesn't look like co...

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Denodo Scheduler 8.0 Denodo Express 8.0

scheduler and scheduler index import problem
answered 10-02-2022 07:42:17 -0500

i recently testing the upgrade from vers 7.0 to vers 8.0 on linux centos 7 between import file process (vdp, data catalog, scheduler, scheduler index, ITPilot) , only scheduler and scheduler index got the warnings. i don't create any jobs on scheduler ...

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Import Denodo Scheduler 8.0