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Verify return results: i.e. Estimated row count. Check if base views return results (with limit clause)

In the presentation I find at some point "Verify return results: i.e. Estimated row count. Check if base views return results (with limit clause)." As far as I can understand, the Denodo Testing Tool can perform exact match, or subset/superset match b...

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How to verify '%Trace' in the DENODOTEST file

I have been reading through the documentation of Trace directive in Denodo Testing Tool. I need to access the 'staticO' element in my trace file. When I am accessing the 'staticO' element in the .DENDOTEST file by using the following code 'PLAN ABC.PLA...

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Where to pass the body of an API in DENODOTEST file

I want my body to be like that: grant_type, client_id, client_secret Below is a test case I'm trying to run

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Denodo in Automated Release cycle

We are evaluating Denodo for one of our prestigous client. There are few queries which we have, if you can let me know the response. Wrt Testing, we want to compare Denodo Testing Tool vs SoapUI / Postman. Can you let us know the pros and cons of ...

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Need details for denodo testing tool jar

Couls you please provide the below details for denodo-testing-tool-7.0-20200923.jar groupId = ? artifactId = ? version = ? type = jar

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denodo testing with nested complex structure

Hi, I am trying to test some complex structure. Suppose I have the following view: tech_data Array and Array is: measurements weights additional Register Register R...

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Rest API throws error while testing it through Denodo Testing Tool

I tried to expose a rest webservice something like the one mentioned below.$count=9999999 But facing a below error when run through Denodo Testing Tool

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Denodo Testing tool-1

Hello, I have one API which has authentication of OAuth. How can I test A API with authentication?

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Denodo 8.0 and automated tests

Hello, Hi migrated my current Denodo 7.0 toward Denodo 8.0 Beta for testing and I got the following issue with Denodo Testing tool: For each test, I have the following error: Test FAILED. Test raised an unexpected com.zaxxer.hikari.pool.HikariPool$Po...

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Detailed test results with Denodo testing tool

How can we get a detailed test result with rows from both "Execution" and "Result" for rows which failed the test case. Right now we only get the number of row and the mismatch value, this result is difficult to decipher in cases where execution and R...

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