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Denodo Monitor denodo express 7.0
answered 06-04-2020 10:03:05 -0400

Hi Team, Can you share a working file for service_startup.bat. (Denodo Monitor) Denodo Express 7.0 Thanks.

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Denodo Monitor Denodo express 7.0

Gather Statistics fails in 80 seconds
answered 08-11-2019 08:08:23 -0500

HI. I am testing using Denodo Express 7.0. I am collecting statistics for a derived view, but I get an error in 80.001 seconds. Is this because Express? Or is it a standard specification of Denodo? Best Regards.

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Denodo express 7.0

An Error occurs when I installed Denodo express 7.0 in 64bit win 7 & 10
answered 31-10-2019 09:56:08 -0400

Hello. I tried to install the Denodo express 7.0 in win 10, there is an error occurs in the last steps. Actually, I tried in three machines, inclduding win 7 and win 10, however, the same error occured. Is there are someone meet the same issues?The det...

Answers: 2

Denodo express 7.0