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changing values and formats after saving denodo results to excel

Hi , I m trying to save the results from denodo to a csv or excel file . The problem is after saving the results to excel the format of certain values is changing . Like for example date in denodo results is of the format yyyy-mm-dd but when we save th...


Denodo 8.0 Update 8.0u20220815

We have upgraded to Denodo 8.0 Update 8.0u20220815 Wed design studio we could see "S3" listing under Data Route option while I am trying to add datasource as "excel" But the same is not listing on Virtual Dataport Administration Tool Thanks

S3 Excel excel data source

Automation of Metadata

Hi Is there a script that automates the reading of metadata into denodo VDP and not the catalog since all the data sources are from excel? Like the data type and the field description without having to copy and paste from the excel metadata file?

Excel Metadata

excel data source

Is there any way to create a excel data source of the file stored in the local system of the user not in the local system of virtual dataport server? or is there any way to move the file from local system to local system of virtual dataport server?

Excel DataSource

Excel text field is defined as double in base view

I am using Denodo 8.0. I have an Excel spreadsheet data source which contains multiple worksheets. I have created the data source for each worksheet. All of the data columns are defined as General or Text on the Excel spreadsheet. But when I create the...


Join Views with fields that have similar data, but not identical

Hello, I'm new to the Deonodo coummunity. I'm currently working on a poc using two Exel datasources I've created and built views on top of. I am trying to join two of these views together based on a field that contains a calendar quarter. In one field ...

Excel join

Cube data present in excel

Hi , i have aan excel as a source file which would be uaed in Denodo.The data is a cube. please help to find a way out to load the data in Denodo through this file. Thanks & regards, sajeda


To create Excel Datasource from Sharepoint using Authorization grant as client credentials

Hello Team, When we try to create a Excel datasource from Sharepoint using OAuth2.0 with Authorization grant as Authorization code we are able to generate the code and create the datasource but it is not feasible process as we have to open the Authori...

Excel SharePoint

Import file excel into bv

Hello I have a file excel present on the same machine where denodo is installed. I need to import it to be able to query it via denodo. I tried to create a new excel datasource via FTP / SFTP / FTPS Path but I don't risk it as it doesn't recognize the ...

Import Excel sftp

Excel Data Source: Is it possible to create a view on a directory containing the excel files?

Is it possible to create an excel data source based on a directory of files versus an individual file? If so, how would you configure this?

Excel Data Source Mulitple Files