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source file info

Hi, I found some interesting predefined stored procedures here, but as far as I've seen, they don't deliver output I'm looking for:

Excel XML Delimited Files

Unable to import XML file .

We have multiple data present in multiple files (xml,csv,json,excel) in multiple linux servers . When we tried to connect using available option under connections -> Data route ->configurations (FTP/SFTP/FTPS) using URL ftp://server_ip:port/dir/f...

Excel XML CSV XML Data Source JSON

Data Lineage Report in Excel

I have created and SOAP Service using through multi step approch creating multiple derived views from Database base views. However, I would like to capture all the linege(all intermediate steps) and Base View to Service View mappings in a spreadsheet. ...

Excel Lineage

Access Live SOAP WSDL Web Service through Excel

Hi, I want to access data from a SOAP Web Service (WSDL) through Excel. I want the process to be standalone/independent from Denodo. By this I mean, even when Denodo Platform is not running behind the scenes, once the excel is loaded with the data so...

Excel automate SOAP Web Service WSDL

Export the Field Name and the Field Type of a base view to an Excel File or a Delimited file

I would like to export the Metadata information for a View (the Field Name and the Field Type) to an Excel file. Please let me know how I can do so. I am using version 6.0

Excel export

For Excel data source, sheet_name = 'sheet_name'?

When using an Excel workbook with multiple sheets, and specifying that data on all sheets should be returned as well as a column that contains the name of the sheet, some rows are being returned with the sheet_name as 'sheet_name' instead of the name o...


Account Used to Connect to an Excel Datasource

When an Excel datasource is created, what domain account does Denodo use to connect to the Excel spreadsheet on a network file share?

Excel datasource domain account

Connect to REST Web Service via MS Excel

Hi I’m hoping someone can help with a pretty basic query. I have a view that I’ve published as a REST Web Service. The view is visible via my browser the url is: http://<ipaddress>:9090/server/<environment>/drv_ibs_nav_actual_forecast_budget_unional...

REST Excel Web Service