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No search methods ready to be run. The following fields are obligatory in the view
answered 09-12-2016 10:34:13 -0500

I have exported VIEWS from my dev Denodo and tried to import that to my local. It got imported successfully. But when I am executing the VIEWs, it is throwing me below error: Finished with error: No search methods ready to be run. The following fields...

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VQL import vql import export

specifying custom i18n on scheduler extractor for csv
answered 11-11-2016 08:16:02 -0500

I have specified a custom i18n and am trying to apply this to an extractor btu so far have been unsuccessful. I have tried the following. Setting the i18n on the base view Setting the i18n on the final view Specifying the i18n during the query in the...

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scheduler date csv export i18n

how to create a job in denodo scheduler to export / import VDP database
answered 22-07-2016 07:53:34 -0400

Hi, I looking for some options to export and or import VDP database(or objects) through a job in denodo scheduler. Can somebody help me out. Thnaks Kalycs

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import denodo scheduler export