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JDBC Scheduler Exporter: Delete table content:: Truncate or delete?
answered 02-09-2021 19:19:59 -0400

In the exporter section (JDBC) of a scheduler job, there is an option to "Delete table content:". Does this use truncate or delete? I need to know what grants to set int he database (Oracle 19c).

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Exporter section

Delete flag option at exporter section Denodo scheduler
answered 06-05-2020 05:45:55 -0400

Hi , please I want to ask about the delete flag option at exporter section at Denodo scheduler ..as when I enable it , all rows deleted even the exporeted rows ? also I want to ask if there is option to delete the rows (which i extract it ) from source...

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Exporter section Job scheduler

Output file in Exporter Section in Scheduler
answered 11-06-2019 16:15:18 -0400

Team, For a CSV exporter section , while providing an Output Filename can we pass an argument through any API ? For Eg : If I need my Outputfile name as Outputfile_@environment.txt Here I need to pass environment (Dev,Test or Prod) as an argument . ...

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Exporter section