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denodo chunk vs fetch
answered 28-04-2020 07:50:23 -0400

we will be having a java spring app using jdbc to call denodo to call a teradata source. Im struglling with what the client java code has to do. how complex will it be? help me understand how this works. my app defintely wants to chunk things. (north...

Answers: 2

FETCH chunksize

FETCH or LIMIT in a Subquery
answered 20-04-2020 15:00:05 -0400

Are you not able to use FETCH and/or LIMIT in a subquery? This query throws an error - Syntax error: Exception parsing query near 'LIMIT' SELECT a.* FROM view1 INNER JOIN (SELECT joinval from view2 ORDER BY joinval DESC FETCH FIRST 3 ROWS ONLY) AS vie...

Answers: 1


answered 05-09-2016 11:48:05 -0400

How to fetch top 10 records from table based on date field without query (using fuctions)

Answers: 1

functions fetch