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Working with JSON hierarchical data
answered 21-07-2020 15:24:12 -0400

Hi Denodo Team, I am struggling with virtualizing data which is in JSON format (and can only be pulled in JSON format from the API). There are numerous arrays within Registers within arrays. My requirement is that I do not create numerous flattened vi...

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flatten JSON

How to flatten JSON Source on web returning different number of registers based on parameters
answered 12-05-2020 16:05:41 -0400

Apologies if my query has been answered elsewhere, but I haven't been able to find a relevant article / direction so far. I have an API source that is drawn into VDP as a JSON format. The API accepts dates as input parameters. Based on the dates enter...

Answers: 2

flatten registers Json date parameters

Flatten query parameters (array of string)
answered 15-04-2019 10:47:14 -0400

Hello, I have a table with an ID of a company and WS for getting an information if the company can be trusted or not. The problem is with the WS. In default, it has parametrized input array of string and returns two arrays of outputs. I used FLATTEN fu...

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flatten ws

Adding field in flatten view with file name as value
answered 05-06-2018 05:41:41 -0400

I am creating a flatten view on top of the base view of JSON Data Source. I want a new field to be added in the output within which the field contains file name( ex:- name.json) as value.

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flatten field json JSON FLATTEN

How to flatten an unknown hierarchy
answered 22-01-2018 12:52:33 -0500

I have a JSON datasource which returns a hierarchy along the lines of the JSON below. The key thing here is that from one web service call to the next the folder structure can differ i.e. each folder is an array and can contain different numbers of sub...

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flatten array JSON

Flatten field is greyed out in flatten wizard
answered 14-01-2016 22:05:10 -0500

I'm trying to flatten some json data coming in and no matter where I click in a results array through the flatten wizard the "flatten field...xyz" option is greyed out. What am I missing?

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Managing Null Array or no result due to where clause in flattening a view
answered 20-07-2015 22:17:37 -0400

I have a view where certain array that I need to flatten may be null or may not contain the specific row that I am looking for. When flattening such array, I get an empty result. How do I manage such array during flattening? Eg. Say I have this data I...

Answers: 7


Unable to search through flattened array field
answered 25-03-2015 05:15:34 -0400

Hello, I have Created a Base view from a BAPI Data source In that Base View I am having three arrays as its columns array [1] is having a primary key array [2] is having details array[3] is having some more info Now these three are columns of Ba...

Answers: 8


I have created a flatten on an array the field is popped out Now when i am trying to search through this field in my data its not fetching data earlier VQL was forming like (array_name).field_name = <value> Now field_name=<value> ......
answered 18-03-2015 06:34:57 -0400

Denodo 5.5 express edition , windows, SAP BAPI connection data source I have created a flatten on an array the field is popped out Now when i am trying to search through this field in my data its not fetching data earlier VQL was forming like (array_...

Answers: 1