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Denodo functions that are not delegated to source
answered 09-08-2017 09:09:45 -0400

Hi team! Is there a list of those functions/queries/process that are not pushed down to the source? I mean like sub selects, truncates, casts, etc. We need a detailed list of that stuff in order to optimize our views. Thanks in advance! EDIT: The s...

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Function Delegate

Other way to create function or procedure?
answered 07-07-2017 10:36:17 -0400

Is the there a way to create custom function without using without third party app such as eclipse?

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Function Stored Procedures

Calculating working day difference between two dates.
answered 19-05-2017 08:40:18 -0400

Hi Everyone, I have a requirement to calculate difference in date (Start vs End) while taking off the weekends and holidays. I have one view for the Start and End date details and another view for the Holiday Calendar. How do I calculate the difference...

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Function Custom Functions

How to pass Generic type or Asterisk as In parameter?
answered 15-02-2016 10:15:27 -0500

We need to build function which is equivalent to MS SQL's count_big(Column_Name) function. Since this function can be called by passing argument as 'column name' or '*'. a.As column name could be numeric, string, date, decimal or plain '*', what need ...

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Can we res-use existing denodo function to delegate?
answered 08-02-2016 06:04:12 -0500

To replicate the MS SQL function of "Day()", we would be developing the custom function "Day()" which would be delegated to MS SQL. To use this function for views of others database, can we delegate to "getDay()" function of Denodo? In Short, is it p...

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Can Denodo support use MSSQL Function
answered 02-06-2015 07:34:34 -0400

Now we only use Denodo to create base view from query or create store procedure. But now we want to use Functions from MSSQL, can Denodo support that? because current cannot see the Functions in Denono.

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Function MSSQL

How to set Value for 'Like' or Not Full Value
answered 03-10-2014 07:47:38 -0400

I am attempting to set an SetValue(^EncodeSeq(@County_Input)); My issue is that the drop down has the county name and the time it was updated. I need to know how to be able to select the value based on just the first word ignoring the time updated. ...

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help set fix Expression function denodo error value