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View model parameters in web service call
answered 21-04-2022 08:09:10 -0400

I created a view with a parameter, "param_Value". In the where clause I'm filtering on key table value "in" param_Value. My web service vql looks like the following CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW "iv_ViewName1" FOLDER = '/folders/3 - integrated views' PRIMAR...

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Filter API

How to pass comma delimited value to webservice
answered 21-04-2022 07:47:38 -0400

My view query looks like Select val1, val2, val3 from iv_view where val1 in (input_Val). I am passing input_Val from query string in web service call. If I pass a single value I get a single result but if I pass multple values I don't get any results...

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Filter API

API filtering with array of values in POST body
answered 21-07-2021 10:42:35 -0400

Hello team, I am currently having an issue with the following case : I have an endpoint on my Denodo REST API on which I am trying to make a POST query with multiple parameters on the body which can be arrays of values (multi criteria search endpoint)...

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Filtering Left Outer Joins with Automatic Simplification of Queries enabled causing execution plan to be complex
answered 10-09-2020 08:38:26 -0400

My development team is seeing strange behaviour with Denodo execution plans when using left outer joins and filters. We have a query that has multiple left joins to get data from a lookup table. When we execute the query, it takes approximately 20 se...

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Filter left join Query Simplification

Passing Parameters
answered 18-09-2018 05:54:44 -0400

I have created a view for a Oracle Stored procedure which returns a oracle refcursor as output. The Oracle stored procedure has some input parmeters. Oracle stored procedure parameters are optional meaning if we pass a parameter it filters else it retu...

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REST Service query - select newest date row
answered 11-06-2018 08:33:23 -0400

We are using Denodo 6.0 on Windows 10 Desktop. We have a question about querying REST web service to narrow down multiple rows to a single row based on a date column. What would be the syntax in the query? In the following example, we'd like to get the...

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Filter Denodo Testing Tool REST Webservice

Error when using LIKE operator: URLDecoder: Illegal hex characters in escape (%) pattern
answered 07-03-2018 05:26:20 -0500

Hello, I am running into an issue when using the LIKE operator on my webservice. In order to make the like more effective, I have added a percent sign before and after the text I want to search on. This way I can bring back results that have my text a...

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