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JSON Data Source with optional Interpolation Variables

I want to make a JSON Data Source from this URL: This URL supports filtering by adding query strings to the end of the URL. These simple query string filters are optional. Here are 2 such examples? https://...

Interpolation Variables JSON Data Source JSON Datasource


change name of interpolation variable in base view

Hi, I have a base view that i created with the mandatory input parameter using this sql statement from create from query command. SQLSENTENCE=select * from edl_cs_space_plan_analysis.v_lab_building_floor_space_org_alllocation where space_control_nbr =...

Interpolation Variables


how to use interpolation variables in base view?

i want to use input prameter field in base view. Can someone tell proper method .

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Interpolation Variable - Date function

Hi, I am trying to create a base view with query from DB2 in which I included 2 parameters Begin_date, End_date that are added in where clause to filter Date(confirm_date) column. Example: Select * from Table where Date_column between @Begin_date and ...

Date Conversion Interpolation Variables DB2


Interpolation Variable using a formula - Julian calendar date

I have a data source which requres a dynanmic file name to be reference using a Julian date - last two digits of the year and the current day number. So 2022-04-04 would be 22094. Is there an easy way to include this value as part of the interpolatio...

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Interpolation Variable with Power BI

I have created final view with interpolation variable. I would like to use this final view in power BI. I need to pass value to the interpolation variable from power bi report and load only the particular dataset to the model. How can I achieve this

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How to search for a range of dates based on a text value - Interpolation variable

I currently have a baseview that with an interpolation variable for a date value that can be used to dynamically target a specific CSV file on AWS S3 as the source. select * from hcc_dv.dv_ctigeneral_s3_gdw_backupdate where backupdate = '09-01-2021' ...

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CustomWrappers and base view Interpolation variables

Hello, We are in the process of creating a custom data source for one of our internal sources. It takes two CustomWrapperInputParameters, both mandatory strings. public CustomWrapperInputParameter[] getInputParameters() { return new CustomWra...

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Struggling with using a field with JSON data and tying it back to the original view using an ID field

I have a view that has a field called "primaryqa". it contains data that has answers to questions in JSON format that I want to parse and then joing back to the original view using an field called "id". [{"QuestionID":1,"Answer":"Yes"},{"QuestionID":2...

Interpolation Variables joining of interpolation variables array


Dynamic Base View based on another Base view (not JOIN)

Hi, I need help with a very specific use case. I have 2 different data sources and I need to create a base view from source A filtered by some values from another base view coming from source B. This values in the second view would be a hole column, ...

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