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unable to delect dropdown list in itpilot

Hi i am working with itpilot and not able to select option from drop down list. How to do that any steps to achieve the same will be very helpful.


How to execute Javascript in ITPilot

Hi I am working with ItPilot and want to know how to execute javascript and select particular frame and get all the data of that page.


ITPilot Wrapper with no results ERROR

Hi Team! When my ITPilot wrapper is working in a web page and there is no results to return, the scheduler return execution error. Could I change this result to warning? If I don't have results to get, for example, input search text is wrong, I don't...


Start navigation with url parameters

Hi! I am trying to start a wrapper navigation with a dynamic url and I can't find how to insert the parameters into the inial url. My idea is something like this: http://myurl?param1=@param1&param2=@param2 and setting param1 and param2 dynamically....


ITPilot case function doesn't work fine

Hi! I am working with ITPilot wrapper trying to process output record and create a new field with into a value editor. I have a field date as string and I try to format with two patterns (with and without hours) case max(indexof(Iterator_1_output.dat...


Unable to view Assign Examples & Review Examples tab in IE

Hi Team Am using licensed version of Denodo VDP 6.0. I have issue's while working with ITPilot Wrapper generation tool. If i open the browser(IE) from Wrapper Generation tool am not getting the denodo tool bar options, but if i open the local IE brows...


ITPilot wraper input query with multiple values

Hi! I have created a wrapper with itPilot in order to get delivery details. The web page has dynamic inputs (from 1 to 4) where you can put 4 codes and send a request for this 4 code details. If I had an input query, for example, "select productId fro...

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Wrapper contains unsupported commands

Hi! I have "Wrapper contains unsupported commands" when I try to upload vql file to wrapper server in denodo v6.0. If I deploy the wrapper from ITPilot Wrapper Generation Tool to wrapper server directly, the process works fine, but If I create VQL file...


ITPilot extractor table multiple levels

Hi! I am using denodo platform 6.0 and itPilot so as to extract data from web. I would like to know if we can extract data from multilevel table row. I have 2 levels and I would like to join data from parent row and children row, for example: I have a ...



I have a list of several thousand part numbers in excel. Today, I have a manual process where I go to a website (some of the websites require login): 1) enter a single part number in a search box 2) Click the search button, which takes me to another pa...