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Manipulate a websites HTML before scrapping

Hello, There is a link on a page that opens to a new window using a target="_blank" tag. I am wondering if there is a way to remove this tag from the page so that it will open in the same window. URL:


Can I try out Denodo IT Pilot in Denodo Express?

Can I try out Denodo IT Pilot in Denodo Express? What license should I be using? I installed Denodo Express on my machine and applied license available on Express page, but ITPilot is coming up as disable...

Denodo Express ITPILOT

Reading PDF file data in ITPilot

I want to perform below list of events in ITPilot Login to mailbox Reading mail Download PDF attachment for every mail Extract values from PDF file Till reading mails all looks good for me. Further, each mail will have one PDF attached whi...


Exporting ITPilot wrapper output to VDP View

I have created wrapper in ITPilot .This is same replicated as explained in ITPilot tutorials This wrapper gives list of records in ITPilot result tab. Is there any way to export ...


ITPilot license for DENODO Express

Hi Team, Is there any free license availabe to use with DENODO Express6.0 which enables use of ITPilot Thanks


ITPilot and Aracne disabled

I installed all the Denodo tools including ITPilot and Aracne but when I open my Denodo platform control center these two are disabled on my Windows system. Kindly help.


Denodo 6 packs

Hi ! Let's say I install just the Virtual Data Port (all its 3 components) and the Scheduler but NOT the ITPilot and ARACNE. If in the future the need arises for these, can I install (append) ITPilot and ARACNE at a later date ? Are there any resources...


Converting Pdf to Acrobat Html

Hello, I was trying to screenscrape a Pdf to capture the fields present in the document. I am able to convert the Pdf to PDFBox 1.x but, the resulting HTML page is not totally formatted (missing the spaces) and I am not able to capture the fields exa...


Access PDF, Excel files with VDP installed in Linux

Hi: If VDP is installed in a Linux platform, can we still utilize the Aracne and ITPilot modules to access Excel, PDF, and unstructured data? The installation talks about ITpilot and Aracne need for Windows, but please help us understand if there is w...

Linux Aracne ITPILOT

How to add date function inside of the savefile function for timestamp of document being saved?

Hello, We are wondering how to add the date such as 3152016 which is todays date 3/15/2016 to the end of an excel file being saved. Currently we are using the savefile function as follows: savefile(ohio.xlsx,d:\\\\ohio\\\\archive); The issue is it i...

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