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Post -xml derived view "Insert operation is not allowed". using Postman
answered 09-09-2021 08:35:10 -0400

I am trying to use POST type request in derived view using POSTMAN.Below is body which i am using <dv_test xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:v1="http://gsk.com/Contract/RD/LotMetadata/LotMetadataInterface_BioReg_CF/v1...

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Insert Operation

INSERT Operation fails with multiple records and the now() function
answered 15-04-2021 07:26:17 -0400

I'm performing a simple Insert Operation with multiple records using the now() function. insert into "ViewName" ("Id", "Name", "EmailAddress", "EmailDtm") values ('1', 'joe', 'joe@denodo.com', now()), ('2', 'joe', 'joe@denodo.com', now()) It throws a...

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datetime Insert Operation

Denodo Inserts with dynamic values
answered 20-02-2020 07:25:32 -0500

Is it possible to insert records in denodo base views with the below query insert into base_view1 (col1,col2) select col1,col2 from base_view2; With the current doc I concur we can only insert hard coded values like below insert into base_view1 (col...

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Dynamic Insert Operation

Write values to a data base
answered 20-02-2019 18:17:36 -0500

Hi, can we use Denodo to write (insert records, delete recors, modify) the results of a given query to a data base? (i.e i would like to store the results of a query into a SQL data base) Many thanks,

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Insert Operation SQL Server SQL

Denodo , Stored Procedures, & Insert Updates
answered 15-03-2018 09:15:24 -0400

Have a questions, Why we need store procedures and insert update operations in Data Virtualization tool.

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Stored Procedures DENODO Insert Operation

How to insert data into base view
answered 03-02-2015 18:19:12 -0500

Hi, I am trying to insert data into a base view, but no records are inserted. Please let me know if below statement is correct , If not how do insert data from one view to another view . BaseView_A-->target BaseView_B-->Source Query tried--> insert...

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Insert Operation

Error Code : 50025, INSERT operation not allowed
answered 26-12-2014 14:34:05 -0500

I have created a view by joining a table from MySQL and another table from SQL Server and exposed this as Rest Service. When I tried to insert data to the view, I am facing an error "Insert Operation not allowed".Is it possible to insert data into diff...

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Insert Operation