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Connection refused on Impala connection with JDBC, kerberos

We have Cloudera5.12.2 and we’d like to connect to Impala(impala-2.9.0+cdh5.12.2+0) with JDBC. We use kerberos and we checked that we can kinit with the user we intend to use. We just DL the latest denodo express. Java is version8. We have DL Clouder...

Kerberos JDBC impala


Slf4j dependency conflict changing to "Insufficient resources to execute operation" when trying to connect Dremio as a JDBC datasource

Hi, I'm currently running Denodo Platform v7.0 on Windows. I'm attempting to connect Dremio as a JDBC datasource and running into errors when testing the connection. I have added the Dremio JDBC driver .jar file to a new directory in the {DENODO HOME...

JDBC JDBC Data Sources


StackOverFlow error in JDBC Vertica Driver

I am using sqoop to fetch data from HP Vertica using Vertica's JDBC driver. My Vertica setup has node to node encryption enabled and is on SSL. I have a single mapper that fetches data, and there are more than 300 million rows in the projection. I am e...

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Denodo JDBC driver backwards compatible?

Is the Denodo JDBC driver provided with the Denodo 7 installation backwards compatible to access a Denodo 6 VDB with it? I found this in the documentation: From Denodo Platform 6.0 and newer versions when a new Denodo Platform update is installed, eve...



How to get files referenced in

So we are attempting to create a JDBC connection in SAP's BOBJ to Denodo and are following the instructions in We noti...



Connecting R to Denodo

Has anyone successfully connected to Denodo using Rstudio or any of the R tools using JDBC?

Denodo 7 R JDBC


Cannot connect to JDBC database for Lab

I'm going through the Lab: DEN60EDU0105LAB01 - Create ds_call_center data source and import all tables I've installed Denodo AccessDatabaseEngine_X64 Calltracking.mdb is in: C:\Users\ehayes\Desktop\Denodo\DEN60EDU0105LAB01 I've configured th...

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Cannot Connect to Denodo using JDBC via Mulesoft code

Hi All, We are trying to figure out this issue since long but no help. I am trying to connect to Denodo via JDBC from my Mulesoft code (Anypoint Studio) on my desktop but always getting connection timeout. URL: jdbc:vdb://${}:${denodo.por...

Denodo VDB Connection Time out Connection JDBC


Denodo base view times out in 15 minutes (Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (MS Driver))

Denodo Server times out when I try to access the base view that takes more than 15 minutes to execute. Since query timeouts are a client side concept only, I have already altered below settings on BOTH the clients: Admin Tool Preference -> Connect...



Presto data source query issue

Using Version 6 of Denodo I am using the Simba Presto driver to connect to a Hive database on AWS. The Hive metadata store is on a MySQL database. I am able to connect to the database and see the Schemas and their respective tables. When I try to creat...

Presto JDBC