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When importing multiple files from JSON Data Source, a default name is given for the files. Can we change those default names?
answered 01-06-2018 12:04:58 -0400

After creating JSON data source and selecting a folder containing multiple files, after executing in the execution panel the results are given a default name. I am getting the output as: [Array]... [Array]... [Array]... [Array]... [Array]... There ar...

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import Mulitple Files JSON

How to flatten an unknown hierarchy
answered 22-01-2018 12:52:33 -0500

I have a JSON datasource which returns a hierarchy along the lines of the JSON below. The key thing here is that from one web service call to the next the folder structure can differ i.e. each folder is an array and can contain different numbers of sub...

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flatten array JSON

Unable to import XML file .
answered 30-11-2017 07:29:36 -0500

We have multiple data present in multiple files (xml,csv,json,excel) in multiple linux servers . When we tried to connect using available option under connections -> Data route ->configurations (FTP/SFTP/FTPS) using URL ftp://server_ip:port/dir/f...

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Excel XML CSV XML Data Source JSON

JSON from https
answered 29-08-2017 08:33:15 -0400

How can I connect json data source from https? thanks

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JSON parameter with OR condition
answered 08-05-2017 06:16:48 -0400

Team, We are creating datasource going into Datasource -> Json and creating datasource connection and creating base view from API 1) We are succesfully able to create Datasource the connection passing below credentials DATA route: HTTP Client HTTP...

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Using JSON data source from file, when the root is array
answered 05-03-2017 04:48:34 -0500

Hi, I tried to use the JSON data source, when the root json type is array. Let's take for example a file containing the following data : [{"id" : 3, "name" : "xxx", "color" : "blue", "available" : false},{"id" : 13, "name" : "yyy", "color" : "green", ...

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Twitter tweets limiting
answered 25-10-2016 04:02:09 -0400

I am trying to get the tweets from twitter using below query https://api.twitter.com/1.1/search/tweets.json?q=@query&count=@count&since=@from_date&until=@to_date I have flattened the statuses field and created the view. For every api call i...

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REST API twitter search json

JSON Parsing in Denodo
answered 29-08-2016 11:09:31 -0400

Hi support Quick question about Json parsing. I know there are currently no native functions (please let me know if that is incorrect) for parsing json on the read, like you would have natively with HIve or Presto (using something like get_json_object...

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What ports does Denodo uses when connecting to JSON Data sources
answered 16-08-2016 12:32:19 -0400

Hi, I would like to know what ports does denodo internally uses to connect to JSON data sources? is there any place where I can check all the ports being used by denodo currently. I know denodo uses 80, 8080, 443 ports to connect to webservices. howev...

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connectivity JSON ports

JSON query with REST API exposed via Denodo
answered 27-05-2016 09:49:04 -0400

Hi, I have created an view in denodo and exposed the details as REST API. I want to query the API with JSON query. I know we can do it by dynamic URI parameters. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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